Why choose AceGrad?

Simon Gibson started AceGrad for a simple reason. Help people be their best when applying for a job. 

Simon has recruited hundreds of students and professionals into various organisations over several years across Brisbane and knows how to navigate the critical aspects of recruitment campaigns. He knows how to help people perform at their peak throughout the recruitment process. 

It's this knowledge and experience that YOU as the candidate need to know. AceGrad is here to help you through what can be a stressful and confronting phase of your career. 


Who is AceGrad for?

AceGrad has been designed to help those who are looking to enter the workforce either through structured programs or more traditional avenues. 

Applying for a Graduate or Vacationer/Intern role may be the first time many people have experienced the machine that is student recruitment. Navigating online applications, interviews, online testing, networking, LinkedIn and figuring out how to 'stand out from the crowd' can be daunting and off putting for a lot of people. The good thing is that these are skills that can be learnt!

AceGrad is ideal for students straight out of high school and in their first year of uni right through to those who are finishing up their studies and ready to start their career. 

AceGrad is also ideal for International Students who may benefit from exposure to local recruitment techniques and employer expectations. Learn how to best answer and structure interview questions, present your skills and experiences in a professional manner and network with purpose. 

Experienced Candidates - For those candidates looking to change job or career, AceGrad can help prepare you for the challenge. Whether it's going through a mock interview, reviewing your CV or helping map out your job search, AceGrad is here to guide you in the right direction. 


What can AceGrad offer that I can't already get at uni?

Good question.

The answer is 'extensive and current hands-on experience'.

Universities offer an amazing array of services and have excellent staff that should be fully utilised. AceGrad is here to add to that experience by bringing you information and insights directly from an experienced recruiter. 

Simon worked for EY (Ernst & Young) for over six years as part of their Graduate Recruitment Team. He was most recently the Oceania Operations Manager for EY’s Graduate Recruitment team for four of those years and the Graduate Recruiter for EY Brisbane for the rest. He has several years experience within Graduate Recruitment across the Legal industry, Engineering and Construction and Professional Service. In 2014 Simon was voted 'Australia's Most Popular Graduate Recruiter' through a survey of students run by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE). Students were asked to name the recruiter who made the most positive impact on them during their job application process and Simon was humbled to win by a majority of votes from over 2500 students across the country encompassing over 400 different recruiters from 150 different organisations.

Simon has been an active Committee Member of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers since early 2015. The AAGE helps Graduate Recruiters from a multitude of employer organisations hone and refine their graduate recruitment practices and strategies. As a Committee Member, Simon helps guide and mentor new and experienced graduate recruiters to better recruit students for their organisations (banking, engineering, retail, travel, law etc). From these experiences, Simon has built a solid network within graduate recruitment and professional recruitment circles across Brisbane. 

Give yourself the advantage.